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Fits to all types of C-Arm equipments

Functional, user friendly, permitting full range of movement of C-arm.

Provides sterile handling of C-arm.

Complete rotation and movement of C-arm without compromising on sterility.

Latex free.

Covers are made of high grade clear polyethylene.




  • C-Arm covers - Various

    Reference Description Bag Size (WxL) Units per Box Units per Case
    AC-55400 C-ARM COVER with STRIPS 115x180 cm 115x180 cm 20 80
    AC-55410 C-ARM COVER with STRIPS 115x260 cm 115x260 cm 15 60
    AC-55433 C-ARM COVER with STRIPS 90x250 cm 90x250 cm 20 80
    AC-55444 C-ARM - UNIVERSAL COVER 150X260 cm 150X260 CM 15 60
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