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Elastic strip band

High quality polyethylene

Latex free

  • Dome Bags

    Reference Description Bag Size (WxL) Units per Box Units per Case
    AC-110036 DOME BAG 36R (36x72cm) 36x72 cm 60 240
    AC-110040 DOME BAG 40R (40x80cm) 40x80 cm 50 200
    AC-110046 DOME BAG 46R (46x92cm) 46x92 cm 50 200
    AC-110050 DOME BAG 50R (50x100cm) 50x100 cm 50 200
    AC-110060 DOME BAG 60R (60x120cm) 60x120 cm 30 120
    AC-110065 DOME BAG 65R (65x130cm) 65x130 cm 30 120
    AC-110070 DOME BAG 70R (70x140cm) 70x140 cm 25 100
    AC-110090 DOME BAG 90R (90x180cm) 90x180 cm 25 100
    AC-110100 DOME BAG 100R (100x200cm) 100x200 cm 20 80
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